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Babies in Playroom


The primary goal of MMCC, is to become a school recognized not only for its dedication to academics, but also for its care and attention to the emotional well-being of both its kids and parents. 

One of the school's main goals is to integrate parents into the process of educating their children during the most important formative years of their lives, and thereby contributing in the effort of shaping them into positive and responsible adults. 

Music Class


Whether you are looking for overnight care,  part-time/full-time child care, or a pre-K program, MMCC offers a safe, affordable and welcoming environment for your child from 6 weeks to 6 years old 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, but closed on Weekends.

Kids in Preschool


MMCC is the only 24 Hour Child Care and Early Learning Center in Capital City. We have highly trained teachers, who possess the qualifications, education, training and passion needed to care for your little one.


More than 50% of our staff members are certified in Pediatric First Aid CPR/AED.  MMCC provides a fun-filled, loving environment where infant and preschool children always feel safe and secure.

Diverse Kindergarten


  • MMCC provides fresh daily meals and snacks.

  • Daily physical activities that introduce the element of fun into fitness.

  • Fine Arts classes that nurture the outgoing nature of bright young minds.

  • Exposure to music to improve infant and preschoolers’ cognitive function.

  • Introduction to sign-language at stages of growth when young minds are impressionable.

  • Challenging and creative infant and preschool curriculum material for academic preparedness.

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